On account of its emissions intensiveness and high global demand growth, the chemicals sector plays a central role in achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

vip亚博 have begun to set science-based targets that meet broad 亚搏国际网址 initiative (SBTi) criteria. To catalyze broader action in the chemicals sector, the SBTi is launching a scoping project to develop sector-specific methods and guidance for chemical companies to set science-based targets. The avoided GHG emissions generated from the use of chemicals are outside the scope of SBTi.

World Resources Institute (WRI) is the managing SBTi partner for this project. Financial support is being provided by 3M.

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Four phases comprise the scoping project: a kick-off webinar in early 2020, gathering of findings through a stakeholder engagement process, two in-person workshops, and a final summary report.

Development Process

Here are highlights from the development process so far:



Nate Aden, Senior Fellow, WRI, [email protected]

Kylee Chang, Research Associate, WRI, [email protected]